Open Vacancy/ SIGI-Jo - Fundraiser/Fundraising Officer


The objectives: Achieving SIGI’s goals according to what was stated and what will be mentioned in the strategic plans by Guaranteeing sustainable funding sources for SIGI’s projects, responding to grant requests announced by various funding agencies, building partnership relationships and communicating with donors and partners, according to the association’s policies.

Job title (fundraiser/fundraising officer).

Location: Amman- Jordan

Deadline for submitting: //2023

Required languages: Arabic / English, and a third internationally accredited language is also welcomed.

Contract duration: six months

Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Preparing project proposals and necessary documents, and submitting funding requests and approval requirements according to the rules and the law.


  3. Preparing narrative, periodic, quarterly, and annual reports on the activities of the association as a whole, and for projects in particular.


  5. Continuous communication and follow-up with partners, supporters, and funders of the association.


  7. Cementing and strengthening working relations and bonds of cooperation with civil society institutions, non-governmental organizations, official institutions, and others.


  1. Maintaining and developing cooperation and communication relations with local, Arab, and international partners.

  2. Maintaining renewed knowledge about the most important and prominent developments and trends in human rights in general and women's rights and issues in particular, and in recruiting and mobilizing funds and writing projects.

  3.  Representing SIGI to deliver and communicate its programs, point of view, and vision to institutions, organizations, target groups, and public opinion.


  1.  Bachelor's degree in management, women's studies, or any other appropriate field, and a higher university degree is preferred.

  2. At least five years of experience in preparing projects, mobilizing funding, working in NGOs and civil society organizations, and working with donors.

  3. Willingness to provide samples of his / her previous work in this field.

  4. Good communication skills.

  5. full-time work

  6. The ability to use computer programs.

  7. The ability to write narrative and descriptive reports.

  8. Proficiency in the English language, writing, reading, and speaking.

  9. working within a team and working under pressure.


If the mentioned terms are compatible with yours, please send us your CV to this email address

[email protected] before 24/6/2023


In case of any inquiries, call on these numbers:

+962 6 5543867

+962 6 5543863

Or visit our website:

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